DM41X Firmware History

Please remember it is always wise to make FAT disk backup before any update.


DM41X v2.1: 2020-11-13

Fixes and enhancements
User Manual changes
DMCP related changes


DM41X v2.0: 2020-10-14

New Features/Changes


DM41X v1.15: 2020-09-20

New Features/Changes
User Manual


DM41X v1.14: 2020-07-10

New features/changes
User Manual additions and updates


DM41X v1.13: 2020-06-08



DM41X v1.12a: 2020-05-11

Hotfix version
  • Fixed: Module loader scrambles pages with ANY placement
  • Fixed: Problem with ClrAM

    DM41X v1.12: 2020-05-09

  • Fixed: ALARM wakeup followed by no key-press prevents auto power-off
  • SHIFT no longer clears error messages in AM screen (allowing to make a screenshot)
  • Module loader: Allowing multiple ROM modules in single .mod file with ANY placement
  • Fixed: Minor BEEP glitch
  • New features/changes
  • Basic CST implementation (both CST and CST edit part including save/load of labels)
  • New allocation of RAM pages - HEPAX RAM pages should be preserved after HEPAX module relocation
  • Load/Save of RAM pages (see
  • Allow to jump from ModMap screen to AM
  • F6 in AM screen now clears the active modules list
  • F6 in 'Manage Modules' screen now clears all modules from flash area
  • Added printer line delay to setup menu
  • Changed bank0...bank3 to bank1...bank4 labels in ROM MAP screen
  • Removed creation of `/rominit.log' by Module Loader
  • User Manual additions and updates
  • Custom Menu (CST) Chapter
  • Updated 'RAM Pages' section
  • Added 'Printer Line Delay' secion
  • "Active modules" and "Manage Modules in Flash" menu and screen changes
  • Various other fixes: typos, cleanup, phrasing, added notes
  • DMCP changes
  • Fixed problem with bad key state after wake-up
  • USB disk reports unique disk ID now
  • Known bugs
  • Loading a module following Hep-mem.mod can clobber the RAM pages

    DM41X v1.11t08: 2020-03-30

    DMCP changes


    DM41X v1.11t02: 2020-02-28

    DM41X User Manual


    DM41X v1.11t01: 2020-01-31

    DM41X User Manual


    DM41X v1.10 (built with DMCP 3.16): 2020-01-17