1. Get installation zip

2. Start inf_wizard.exe

Now navigate to the libusb-win32-install- directory and run inf-wizard.exe as administrator.

Figure 1. inf-wizard.exe

3. Access control

It is possible (depending on your security settings) you will need to confirm the access control.

Access control
Figure 2. Access control

4. Connect USB device

First screen of inf-wizard instruct you to connect your USB device.

You have to initiate the device into bootloader mode using PGM and RESET buttons:
Press and hold PGM button, then press RESET and release PGM button
(see Bootloader mode activation for more details).

Now you can connect it to the USB and press [ Next> ].

Connect usb device
Figure 3. Connect usb device

5. Select USB device

Select STM32 BOOTLOADER device from the list and press [ Next> ].

Select USB device
Figure 4. Select USB device

6. Confirm USB device info

Just check you have selected correct device and press [ Next> ].

Confirm device info
Figure 5. Confirm device info

7. Save .inf file

Save generated .inf file. You don’t have to do anything special with this file if you proceed with automatic installation in the next step.

Save .inf file
Figure 6. Save .inf file

8. Start Driver Installation

Start driver installation by pressing [ Install Now... ].

Start driver installation
Figure 7. Start driver installation

9. Installation proceeds

Just look at the nice progressbar…​

Figure 8. Installation

10. Installation finished

Hopefully the installation completes without error.

Installation finished
Figure 9. Installation finished

11. Check device manager

You can check successful installation of the USB driver by looking into device manager at libusb-win32 devices. STM32 BOOTLOADER should be listed there (as can be seen in next image).

Device manager - STM32 BOOTLOADER
Figure 10. Device manager - STM32 BOOTLOADER