DMCP interface  03.15_020
Here is a list of all modules:
[detail level 123]
 Date/Time FunctionsDate/Time Functions
 DialogsDialog screens and supporting functions
 Help ScreenHelp screen
 Message BoxMessage box
 Selection Screen FunctionsSelection dialog functions
 System DialogsSystem dialogs
 FAT DiskFAT disk and filesystem functions
 Disk functionsDisk functions
 FatFs file functionsFatFs file functions
 File Access ModeFile access mode and open method flags (3rd argument of f_open())
 Other file functionsFilesystem functions
 KeyboardKeyboard handling and aux functions
 Key codesKey codes
 Basic functionsBasic keyboard functions
 Dialog functionsKeyboard handling for dialogs
 Keyboard optionsKeyboard options
 Menu systemThis functionality allows to extend and use default menu system for programs where this functionality is sufficient enough
 System menusMenus defined in system
 Menu item idsMenu item ids
 Menu defines
 Aux menu item functionsFunctions for menu_line_str() formatting
 PeripheralsHardware peripherals functions
 BuzzerBuzzer functions
 LCD hardwareLCD hardware interface
 Power/voltagePower and voltage
 PrinterIR printer functions
 QSPIQSPI User functions
 RTCRTC related functions
 LCD and draw functionsLCD Functions description
 Display screensDisplays predefined static screen by id
 Graphics functionsLCD graphics and buffer commands
 Graphics defines
 Image manipulationLCD image functions
 Soft-menu keysDisplays soft-menu line above top row of keys
 Text functionsLCD text functions
 SystemSystem related
 Auto OFFAuto OFF related functions
 OS and memoryOS and memory functions
 System dataSystem data buffers
 System flashSystem flash read/write functions
 System regionsSystem regions functions
 System RESETSystem RESET functions
 System variablesSystem variables
 Menu SystemMenu System
 TimingTiming related functions